About Us

Plastipak has everything you can ever want in one place. We sell foam containers and plastic containers in every shape and size. We also do your basic brown kraft bags and grease proof bags. Our wide range of plastic bags are from clear bags, frosted bags, cellophane, gusset bags, poly prop bags, self seal, mini grip bags, metallised bags, pouch bags, carrier and barrier bags including refuse bags. Now for the extended section of Plastipak...

We have received a positive response with our baking department so what we sell are cake boxes, cake boards (all sizes that come in square and round shapes), cookie cutters, fondant cutters and embossing tools, baking trays, cupcake holders of all sorts, baking tools and necessities. We also sell plastic icing novelties and figurines. Orders can be placed with Plastipak. We do silicone moulds as well. Our new glassware department has also received a positive response. Glassware is being imported from all over the world. We have blown glass and crystal glassware in stock. We do your daily household equipment such as brooms and mops, braai tools etc. Our detergent department consists of dish washing liquid, handy andy, pine, sta soft, dettol, jeyes, handsoap and many more. Bubblewrap and tape can also be purchased here. Foil containers with their lids are also available. Big and small plastic domes with bases are sold here and there is much more things you can find in this shop. Hoping to see everyone there soon. PLASTIPAK TEAM.